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Architecture That Inspires and Helps Others

Architecture That Inspires and Helps Others

I read a story on the 2022 Pritzker Prize Winner (known as the Nobel Prize for architecture) Diebedo Francis Kere from the weekly Buddhist news paper called World Tribune (May 3, 2022).   Mr. Diebedo iFrancis Kere is from Burkina Faso and as a young child, he was often in school with 100 other students in a windowless classroom made from cement.  He wanted to transform the school environment through architecture.

The first building he built in Burkina Faso called Grand Primary School focused on improving lighting and ventilation while keeping in mind costs, climate and the availability of resources.  The story continues that Mr. Keke believes that “architecture is primarily a service to humanity, to create an environment where human beings can develop, can be happy.”  Now a world renowned architect he continues to inspire others through his buildings.

This started to make me think.  What if everyone’s careers or passions created value in that it helped others?  One of the reasons why I wanted to start Communitea Kitchen in the first place was to be able to combine my passions of social work and baking together.  My aim was not to just combine my passion together, but to be able to help others by helping each person build a community, talk about mental health, and provide a safe space for every individual to be the best version of themselves.  Yes, I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but again I love the cheese.  What is something you do that helps others along the way? Would this be something you’d be interested in creating…?

Below is the article from the SGI-USA World Tribune May 3rd, 2022 Edition page 11


What is Creativity?

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What Are Your Dreams?

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